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07 Chevy Malibu 팝니다.

NWI, Merrillville에 거주중인데, 한국으로 귀국하게 되어 2013년부터 6년동안 몰았던 차량 판매합니다. 가격은 $3,000, OBO. 자세한 차량정보 혹은 사진은 원하시면 515.509.3814로 연락주세요.

General Specs

– 3.5L V6, 4-Transmission.
– 115,000 miles (possibly go up to 120,000 max, but I doubt)
– Less than 2-year use tires, all 4
– Less than 6-month, new brakes, all 4
– Less than 6-month, tie rod changes
– about 1-year Battery
– All light functions well
– Recent Coolant Fluid change
– no major collision or any major accident.
– regular oil change every 5,000 miles, tire rotation.

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