Hanwha Travel Award Program

저는 한화케미칼 중앙연구소 연구기획팀에 근무하는 김정주입니다.
한화에서는 글로벌 해외 R&D 우수인재 유치를 위해 많은 노력을 기울이고 있으며,
2017년부터는 AIChE Annual Meeting에 참석하는 재미 한인학생/포스닥을 대상으로
‘Hanwha Travel Grant Award Program’을 주관하여 실시하고 있습니다.
2018년도 제 2회 ‘Hanwha Travel Grant Award Program’
한화토탈과 한화케미칼에서 공동 주관하여 진행하고자 합니다.
상세 내용은 아래의 공지 및 첨부된 파일 참고하시기 바라며,
필요한 사항이나 궁금하신 점은 언제든지 연락주시기 바랍니다.
김정주 드림  
2018 Hanwha Travel Award Program
Award Administrator: Hanwha Chemical Corporation (HCC) & Hanwha Total Petrochemical (HTC)
Award: HCC & HTC provides individual awards up to $1,000 to be utilized towards travel (hotel, airfare, meals and incidentals) and registration fees.
Eligibility: Korean Graduate student/Post-doc. studying in USA
Preferred Research Areas
 Chemical engineering process(Reaction engineering, modeling, simulation, etc.)
– Catalysts(Synthesis, kinetic, deactivation, etc.)
 Polymerization(Various kinds of polymerization method, etc.)
 Analytical Chemistry, Organic synthesis, Calculation Chemistry, Macromolecular
  simulation/engineering, etc.
Presentation: The awards are presented at the KIChE-US Chapter Open Forum 
            (October 31, 2018, Place and time will be announced at a later date)  
Instructions: Please send all application materials by e-mail: st.noh@hanwha.com
Materials must include:
– Application form (below)
– A copy of an abstract submitted to the annual meeting
– Applicant’s CV
Deadline: August 24, 2018(Announcement of winners is scheduled for early October, 2018)
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