Global Startup Competition: K-Startup Grand Challenge 2018

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INVITATION to Global Startup Competition:  K-Startup Grand Challenge 2018




Are you a promising startup?  Do you have Asia as part of your market expansion strategy?  Would you like to live and work in one of the hottest cities in the world with living expenses paid?  Would you like to connect with global companies like Samsung, LG, Hyundai, and more? Would you like to win up to $133K in cash prizes, no equity taken? 

If your answer is YES to any of these questions, you are invited to apply to a global startup competition – K-Startup Grand Challenge!  

Why K-Startup Grand Challenge:

1.  Win up to $133K in cash prizes
2.  Global Partnership Opportunities with Samsung, LG, SK, Hyundai and more
3.  Leverage Korea as gateway to Asia with paid living expense and cash grants

How it works: 
  1. 80 companies to be selected and accelerated in Korea
  2. Living expenses in Korea paid for 3.5 months (total value $11,000)
  3. Top 40 teams will receive additional grant of $22,000 over 6 month period after the acceleration period in December
  4. Top 4 startups will receive additional grants (total value of $166,000)
Hurry, application deadline is approaching soon:  June 14th! 

Hear what 2016 participants had to say: Information video
When:  Application Deadline – June 14.  Apply TODAY! 
For more info, please visit K-Startup Grand Challenge website

K-Startup Grand Challenge Executive Office 

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KSGC 2018 Flyer_Final
KSGC-2018-Flyer_Final.pdf (221 KB)
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